Lorilee Kopp

Introduction / Athletic Background:

A person just starting out in CrossFit either comes from a background playing competitive sports or they don't. I'm one of those that never played competitive sports but I've always enjoyed hiking, swimming and cycling.


CrossFit Experience / My Why:

After the first class I was hooked. It was so challenging! After a couple months I got stronger and I'd always been a strong chick but not like that! Now, I'm the strongest I've ever been. Fit, healthy and confident are words I get to use to describe myself now and that's thanks to CrossFit.


Education & Certifications:

CrossFit L1 Trainer (CF-L1)

The Movement Fix w/ Dr. DeBell

Outlaw Way's Olympic Lifting w/ Jared Fleming

Olympic Lifting w/ Anthony Pomponio

Strongfirst Kettlebell