Gobbler Gauntlet 11/12/16



Halloween WOD 10/29/16

Craig Whitelock

Introduction / Athletic Background:

I’m the guy that was always a good, solid Athlete, not a great athlete. I played Varsity Football & Baseball during High School, with a big dose of Club Tennis through college in New York.  My fitness continued into my early 30’s through Running, Softball, Swimming, and Nautilus weight training. I hit a major wall in my early 50’s with my Nutrition and Fitness because I sat on airplanes, in conference rooms, and behind desks, climbing the corporate ladder with extremely poor nutrition habits, and zero physical activity.

As a result my journey included Hypothyroidism, a Thyroidectomy, and Obesity.  I ballooned up to 289lbs. That was six years ago. I weigh 185lbs today. And there’s more, I’m just not going to put it out here.

CrossFit Experience / My Why:

I’ve been training in CrossFit for 5 years, the last three I’ve been the Owner and one of our Coaches at CrossFit T9000. My Why? Simple, I was going down a slippery slope to an early death due to my poor nutrition and complete lack of physical activity.

The day I walked through the door of a CrossFit Box my entire life changed. The Community training re-ignited the athlete within me, and CrossFit’s nutrition philosophy was the biggest part of my food overhaul.  I’ve competed in the CrossFit Open five times, from 2013 thru 2017. I’ve been in the Top 25 in the NW Region, and Top 10 in Oregon, for Master’s Male (55-59) athletes, 2 of the last 3 years. My worldwide ranking in 2017 is #387.

I want to share my passion for healthy, clean nutrition, coupled with a highly disciplined training approach with every one of our members so that they too can reach goals they thought were not possible. I’m immersed in our CrossFit Community and plan to do this daily for life.

Education & Certifications:

CrossFit  L1 Trainer (CF-L1)

Olympic Lifting Seminar w/ Kevin Cornell, Arnold Classic Champion 2013

3000+ Hours Coaching CrossFit

B.A. Political Science, S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook-1981