Gobbler Gauntlet 11/12/16



Halloween WOD 10/29/16

Craig Whitelock

From our head coach:

Let me take a moment to introduce Craig.

First off you may be thinking “what is this old guy doing here?” and you might also hear him refer to himself as “The old guy”.

This displays the beauty of CrossFit perfectly. The program really can and really does work for anybody. You would not even recognize the “Old Craig”. THAT was “The old guy”. The guy you see now is a very young, fit, motivated, Craig with maybe a few more wrinkles than you would expect on a “young” person to have.

However, I challenge you to come meet him. His energy and enthusiasm will blindside you with the fact that age is just a number. He is healthier, more fit, more flexible and more functional than he has EVER been in his life.

Another note to mention is Craig's extensive business sense and experience. He is dedicated to the business of excellence - CrossFit. You will never meet someone with more passion and drive. CrossFit transformed his life. He genuinely wants to provide this experience to as many people as possible.

WE ARE A TEAM! Together we make this business work and he won't settle for anything less than your success!


Craig's open challenge:

Age is only a number! Come in and try to keep up.


Football, Baseball, Tennis, Skiing, Martial Arts


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1), 2100 Hrs Coaching

B.A. Political Science, SUNY Stony Brook 1981